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Thematic Working Groups

CIRCULÉIRE’s Circular Economy Thematic Working Group

Circularity capacity building, knowledge-sharing and crosssectoral collaboration are three of the cornerstones driving the CIRCULÉIRE network’s approach to helping our industry members in their transition to circular economy. This same approach is at the heart of CIRCULÉIRE’s Circular Economy Thematic Working Groups (TWGs).

Between 2020 – 2022, CIRCULÉIRE will run a total of nine TWGs on circular economy topics that our industry members have noted are critical to enabling the scale-up of circularity in their businesses and supply chains.

Through a facilitated process which is led by Irish Manufacturing Research’s appointed Expert Facilitators, industry members together with external panel members (who represent a crosssection of the Irish innovation ecosystem, spanning academia, civil society, public sector and solutions providers), are guided through a learning process aimed at:

• Demystifying the circular economy topic and raising awareness of policies and industry best practices that are shaping the circular economy landscape in Ireland and abroad; Unpacking the opportunities and barriers for Irish industry to scale-up circular economy innovations;

• Co-developing research outputs, including practical recommendations about what’s needed to support Irish industry’s transition to circularity;

• Networking, sharing and exchange with CIRCULÉIRE’s industry members and other key players in Ireland’s innovation ecosystem;

• Helping to shape a pipeline of circular economy innovation opportunities which could be advanced by Irish industry, and in some instances, funded directly via CIRCULÉIRE’s Innovation Fund or other funding sources e.g. EPA’s Green Enterprise Fund or Horizon Europe;

Thematic Working Groups Diagram

Overview of the TWGs

2021 TWG Topics
2021 TWG Topic 1: Circular Packaging TWG
2021 TWG Topic 2: Circular Plastics TWG
2021 TWG Topic 3: Circular Design TWG

2020 TWG Topics
2020 TWG Topic 1: RC to work up
2020 TWG Topic 2: RC to work up
2020 TWG Topic 3: RC to work up